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Sick of politics? Our series sets a vision of a better way to co-exist

imageThere are only 2 ways in which we can interact with each other; Peacefully or violently, voluntarily or coercively. Watch our series and join in the movement that is daring to take the next step after democracy. A democratic republic seemed like a fairy tale to monarchists, but it provided the greatest standard of living ever. See how a voluntary society will take us even further.

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news from a Voluntaryist perspective

imageAnarchy is in our everyday life, but like a fish swimming in water, we can't see that which is all around us. Follow our blog weekly as we show you that Voluntaryism and anarchy are already here, they have been all along, they are the best part of society. The more we realise the majority of our life is already a Voluntarist soceity, the more we realise how possible it is to become a completely free society. Join in for some intellectual discussion, and a few laughs too.

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Learn more for yourself. Be informed. Inform others.

imageGreat collection of books to read, videos to watch, and lessons to learn. A truly free society will only be built by an informed people willing to make change. Educate yourself on economics (the study of why humans act) and the philosophy of liberty.

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