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What Is Voluntaryism?

Voluntaryism is the belief that all people should be free of coercion.

You own yourself and your property.

Every exchange between humans should be by consent.


On The State

All States hold a monopoly of law enforced through violence. They act not by voluntary means, but through coercion.

The services they provide are funded through theft and and not by consent.

Therefore voluntaryists wish for society to peacefully transition to a private law society.

On Trade

We believe that all interactions should be by consent of both individuals, therefore we believe in free trade.

Consensual free trade means both parties will benefit otherwise the trade would not have happened.

Everyday Anarchy

Anarchy is all around us everyday. The elements of your life you enjoy the most are probably either anarchy or the product of anarchy.

Do you enjoy your smartphone? The internet? Sports? Church? Film and TV? Most of the interactions and services you enjoy are from voluntary exchanges produced by the free market.

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